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Animals Connect

We've never played a game like this before! Animals Connect is an original and addictive card game that has us connecting the dots to create animals. It's so easy and can be played by 2 to 6 players. The goal of the game is to connect all our cards by drawing lines between them. The rules are simple: we must match two of the same animals to make them pop and try to get as many points as possible without running out of moves. How does it work? We just need to connect two animals that have the same color or type (or both)! There will be obstacles along the way, but they're easy to overcome if we plan. If any of us is having trouble with a level, don't worry - there's no time limit in Animals Connect. We just need to take our time and think about how best to clear all the blocks on the board! The first player to connect all of their animals wins! Animal Connect is the perfect game for our family game night, kids' parties and can even be played at school. It's simple to play but keeps all of us entertained - so much fun!

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