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Jungle Connect

What is Jungle Connect? Jungle Connect is a fun and exciting game that allows us to connect our way through the jungle. We can navigate ourselves by using various animals to cross rivers, climb cliffs, and jump over obstacles. Which animals do we play with? In Jungle Connect, we will get to choose from various animals to navigate ourselves through the jungle and connect all the dots that we see along the way! Animals include Deer, Gorilla, Camel, Tiger, and many more - so we can pick one that's easiest for us. There are three different modes in this game: Easy mode where we can play with one finger; Normal mode for gamers who like more of a challenge; and Hard Mode, which will give us an even higher level of difficulty than Normal Mode! How long can we make our path? What do we need to know before playing the games? When it comes down to knowing what we're doing when we start up the app, there's not much information needed as it's very easy to follow. All we need to do is tap on the screen to move our animal through the level! Come so we can explore this fun game together!

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