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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

A free 3D Mahjong game with stunning graphics, characters, and tiles Play the most popular games in one application. Choose your difficulty level. Play offline or online against other players from all over the world on Xbox LIVE for three months for Free.

The goal of this game is to clear all the tiles. Click two adjacent pieces, and they will match, then you can remove one from each side that was matched for it to go away. There's just one rule: Don't click on blocked sides by other blocks already there, or else those spaces won't count towards anything, so be careful when making your moves because this could take some time.

The rules are simple, but sometimes these things aren't easy at first glance - let alone doing them while playing through seconds-long rounds against computer opponents.

Blocks and time go hand in hand. If you don't match the chains quickly enough, they'll disappear before your very eyes. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience as we pair these two things up to create an amazing puzzle game that will test how fast and what color logic skills can be applied at any given moment during gameplay.

The time bonus tiles are one way to increase your score. Several different types of bonuses are available, such as x2 Speed Match Combo or an extra 5 minutes for each match made during the Multi-match mode with no timer.

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