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Mahjong Remix

I had never thought Mahjong could be this fun. The Mahjong classic match game has introduced a new Mahjong Remix that adds more exciting challenges to the existing ones. The unique online Mahjong Remix is one of its kind. Worry not if you are new to playing Mahjong. Its rules are simple and are easily applicable to the online Mahjong remix the moment you go through them. At the game's opening, your screen turns into a random, colorful, well arranged Mahjong Remix game tiles. Like the normal classic Mahjong, you must match tiles with the exact alignment to earn points. The difference with Mahjong Remix is that when matching these tiles, I am only required to use 3 or fewer lines connecting the tiles to earn valid points. If the matching tiles are connected with more than three lines, no valid point is earned. The lines need to be at a right angle on where the line change direction. The match runs for 7 min for a complete 5 rounds. I was challenged for the first time only to complete 3 rounds before the time elapsed. When playing Mahjong, there is the need to be time cautious. Accuracy and speed are what make Mahjong unique and exciting. The moment I knew about it, I could not take my eyes off it. I tried Mahjong for the first time and now am hooked on it.

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