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Mahjong Alchemy

Match the pieces to win this game of Mahjongg. Be quick, or you'll lose! Complete as many puzzles in a row without getting incorrect piece matches. It's all about speed, timing, and accuracy here, so use your mouse wisely while trying not to get Blueprinted by an enemy robot overhead called Blueprint Gunner.

They can shoot down any matchbox on sight before sending them careening into debris below. Providing easy points if they hit anything but be warned there are three levels filled with these guys just itching for some good old-fashioned bloodshed, plus skulls pour out their bodies like popcorn kernels popping after being roasted over an open flame.

There is no shortage of puzzles to keep you busy. Every completed puzzle will also generate another one, so long as time hasn't run out yet.

Matching tiles is a challenging and intriguing game that requires strategy. In the next level, you must match two matching sides of disappearing blocks to progress through it. To play this new challenge head-on, there's only one rule: make sure any other pieces don't occupy your side before moving them over so they can disappear too.

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