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Mahjong Classic

Mahjong Classic is a free game of tile-shifting Mahjong, which features traditional rules and tiles. Choose your mahjong layout from over 500 different tables to play on.

The best part? This app has an online portal so you can challenge other players around the world in real-time. Just like at home but without having opponents block out their living room floor space with all those pesky setup pieces every single time before getting started (dragging).

Prepare for an old-fashioned challenge with this game that is as challenging and satisfying to play now, online, or on your phone. Can you beat the puzzle without any time limits?

Do not be fooled by the appearance; Mahjong has always been about more than just strategy - it tests players' memory skills in addition to their logical reasoning abilities. You will enjoy a relaxing experience both free of stress and distraction thanks to how refreshingly straightforward everything from the rule set up through gameplay can go during one single session (without having needlessly interrupting one day).

Mahjong is a challenging puzzle that features 144 tiles divided into three suites. The primary suit is dotted, which can be any color but tend to have circular shapes; bamboos are long lines with an arrow symbol on either end of it. They're not always clear, though, because bamboo pieces often look like both dashes and spaces at first glance. Finally, there are Characters - these represent different Chinese characters used for writing or speech purposes (examples include "Mao Zedong" & "Hu Jintao").

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