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Onet Connect

Onet Connect game is such a classic online game that we designed to be played and be enjoyed. This online game is unique because, unlike other games, it has a section wherein gamer can refer if you need help. It has a rearrange button, where it rearranges the tiles to enable other potential connections. The other feature is the enlarging button; this button helps you figure out the following possible joints in the field. Sounds good, right? Regardless of the help, you get from the icons, the Onet game needs critical game skills to play and solve the game.

The game rules are straightforward; select any three categories you want to play with, it has fruit, food, or an animal. After that, draw a line in between the similar theme and try to connect them. You can only shift the directions of the boards twice or less while playing. While playing, make sure no problem will arise between the two identical tiles in the field. Make sure the area is empty from boards and play first to beat the five-minute deadline given to you on the game.

Try this Onet Game today and beat the levels in it, and score as many possible points as you can to win. Play smart, and don’t forget the time given because if you miss the time, the tiles rearrange, and you lose the game! Try a many times as possible to become a pro. Have fun.

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